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Funk Not Fight

A community-led initiative to address gun violence, featuring workshops, discussions, and creative projects.

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This Conference was a community-led effort to create peace in response to the devastating public health epidemic of gun violence in our city. This community-led conference on gun violence prevention aimed to bring together a cross-section of folks from around our city to discuss the issue fully, constructively, and inclusively, and to propose solutions that we can all work on together.

Our Plan

We invited a variety of city officials and organizations to help us in the stride for safer communities in the city of Philadelphia. 

Workshops (social media, mental health, legislative, education & Hip/Hop entertainment)

Mural Arts led painting project for attendees to participate and the result will become a bill board and displayed across the city

The Impact of Somerset Academy Inc.

Nationally Recognized Curriculum

Building strong foundations in cognitive, emotional, and physical development.

Highly Qualified Teachers:

Our educators are dedicated to creating opportunities for learning and growth in a safe, child-centered environment.

Kindergarten Readiness

Ensuring each child is well-prepared for their educational journey ahead.

Somerset Academy Inc. FAQs:

Somerset Academy Inc’s educational philosophy, community engagement, and the unique aspects of its Early Learning Center, addressing common queries of prospective clients and community members.

Somerset Academy Inc offers a range of educational programs for children of all ages. Our programs include a nationally recognized curriculum for early childhood education, after-school care, summer camps, and community-based initiatives like FUNK NOT FIGHT and Philly B.E.A.T.S. All our programs are designed to support cognitive, emotional, and physical development in a child-centered, nurturing environment.

Our organization is deeply committed to community development through various non-profit initiatives. These include FUNK NOT FIGHT, a program aimed at addressing gun violence through community engagement, and Philly B.E.A.T.S., which focuses on supporting at-risk youth through arts-based programs. Additionally, West Girard Progress (RCO) works towards community empowerment through partnerships and philanthropy.

Somerset Academy Early Learning Center stands out for its commitment to providing a holistic educational experience. We emphasize a child-centered approach, ensuring each child feels valued and understood. Our curriculum aligns with Pennsylvania and Common Core standards, and our educators are highly qualified. We also focus on inclusivity and diversity, celebrating the uniqueness of every family and fostering a supportive community network.

As a parent, finding a place where your child not only learns but also feels valued and understood is a blessing.

Jennifer L. Parent

Being part of the 'FUNK NOT FIGHT' initiative has been a life-changing experience.

Marcus G. Community Leader

I've had the opportunity to collaborate with Somerset Academy Inc through their Philly B.E.A.T.S. program, and it's incredible to see the positive impact they have on at-risk youth.

Dr. Emily R Non-Profit Partner

What Client Say

Discover the transformative experiences and heartfelt testimonials of our clients, reflecting the profound impact Somerset Academy Inc has had on families, communities, and individuals.

Our Non-Profit and For Profit Programs Include:

Organizational Structure

Somerset Academy Inc operates under a dual structure, encompassing both non-profit and for-profit elements. This unique framework allows us to channel resources effectively and engage with a broad spectrum of community needs.

Philly Beats

Collaborating with various organizations to support at-risk youth through arts-based programs and initiatives against gun violence.

West Girard Progress

Focusing on community empowerment through partnerships, philanthropy, and long-term development initiatives.

Funk Not Fight

A community-led initiative to address gun violence, featuring workshops, discussions, and creative projects.

Somerset Academy (For Profit)

Somerset Academy Early Learning Center stands as a beacon of excellence in early childhood education.