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Our Programs

where we are passionately dedicated to “Empowering Children and Communities for a Brighter Tomorrow

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Our Non-Profit and For Profit Programs Include:

Organizational Structure

Somerset Academy Inc operates under a dual structure, encompassing both non-profit and for-profit elements. This unique framework allows us to channel resources effectively and engage with a broad spectrum of community needs.

Philly Beats

Collaborating with various organizations to support at-risk youth through arts-based programs and initiatives against gun violence.

West Girard Progress

Focusing on community empowerment through partnerships, philanthropy, and long-term development initiatives.

Funk Not Fight

A community-led initiative to address gun violence, featuring workshops, discussions, and creative projects.

Somerset Academy (For Profit)

Somerset Academy Early Learning Center stands as a beacon of excellence in early childhood education.

Beyond the Classroom

Our Commitment to Diversity and Excellence:

We believe in the value of human diversity and strive to provide an environment that encourages all children to become creative, independent, responsible, and well-rounded.

After-School Care and Summer Camp

Extending our care and educational offerings beyond regular school hours.

Join us at Somerset Academy Inc

as we work towards nurturing the next generation of creative, independent, and compassionate individuals.

Community and Family Engagement

We work collaboratively with the community, fostering a space where children’s individuality is celebrated through art, science, music, sports, and more.